Our Partners


Vermont Secure Computing Consultancy is a technology consultancy partnering with different projects dealing with Blockchain based concepts.

They provide services like the consultation for computing systems and public coin technologies.

There have been many projects under Vermont Secure Computing Consultancy which can be mentioned as follows:

  • 0ffl1ne

    With an offline data diode system controller get highly secure cryptographic storage and data access.

  • 2crow

    A two-party escrow system designed for Bitcoin.

  • Coin-Vote

    Get a vote tally service that has been verified upon Blockchain.

  • Owlr

    Advanced Blockchain-based social network for students and teachers to provide a platform for open education.


    An automated trading system for cryptocurrencies.
    For more details visit- http://vtscc.org/


GoApps.live is the Designing & Development as well as Digital Marketing partner of Coingrammar. GoApps.live is a Fintech focused Technology team of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Remittance connoisseurs.

The Fintech experts at GoApps.live are well adept with the latest technological updates in the field of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency to give the best advice to you.

They specialize in delivering:

  • Blockchain Marketing & Analysis

    Goapps.live designs beautiful Fintech, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency websites, mobile applications and creatives. They cater to the Blockchain startups and offer the best online marketing, market research and analysis services.

  • Fintech Marketing

    For Merchant Processors, Payment Gateways, Remittance and Blockchain businesses, that do not want to lose out in the race with competitions, would definitely have to embrace Fintech marketing. Penetrate into the fintech markets with the best strategies, GoApps.live ensures trust and credibility among the target audience with maximum exposure for your fintech venture.

  • Digital Marketing

    Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing hold enormous potential in increasing the reach of business because these strategies tend to hit the bull’s eye. GoApps.live offers the best Digital Marketing services to chalk out the ideal market/audience approach for any business. For more details, you can visit https://goapps.live.

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