Core Services


What Coingrammar caters to Individuals, Blockchain Technologies and Fintech Businesses


Interviews with Industry Experts

To get a deeper insight into the level of hard work and determination that goes into the successful completion of Blockchain projects, the persons to connect with would be the researchers in this field. Get deeper knowledge of distributed ledger technology, coins and tokens with our industry experts.


Coin Listing Services

If you have launched your own crypto token, then it is essential that your coin is listed across all the popular exchanges dealing with cryptocurrency. If you miss out on this, you miss out on the chance to reach out to the correct people as well as to the persons who would be interested in purchasing your coins.


Content Dissemination & Social Media Coverage

If you are launching an ICO, Blockchain or any Fintech platform with real-use cases, you need to promote the project in a well-organized manner, and for this, it would be ideal for you to take the assistance of professionals that have sufficient knowledge in the same field. Coingrammar will be the ideal partner for promoting and providing the required amount of coverage for your project.


Market Analysis for Blockchain Businesses

Before starting any project, it is essential that you do proper market research and understand the favorable factors that would aid in the project and also the hindrances that you may have to face. Being prepared for all types of situations gives you an upper hand to deal with everything that may prove to be a barrier in the path of success of your project.


Fintech Solutions

At Coingrammar, we try to communicate with the eminent persons in Fintech, Payment and Money transfer industries. With this, we are looking forward to amassing more knowledge in this field and sharing the same with the public. Coingrammar has a Fintech and Payment Processing think-tank that will do a proper Competition Analysis, RnD for laying down the best foundation for your business.


State-of-Art Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain is an evolving technology and we love social participation and discussions with like minded people. If you have a Blockchain idea, send us to [email protected] – We are ready to take up the challenges and contribute towards bringing the technological disruption that the world is experiencing with great ‘crypto zeal’ and excitement.

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